Sunday, June 26, 2022
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Paul Sherwin

Well Phil,’ the words that we all remember so well, used by Paul Sherwen when he was about to put co-commentator Phil Liggett right about something during one of the hundreds of Tour de France stages the pair covered for TV networks from England to Australia via the USA.

Sadly, we’ll hear that catch phrase no more, the 62 year-old Briton having passed away in his sleep at his home in Kampala in his adopted nation of Uganda on Sunday.

Most will remember Paul Sherwen for his commentary role but if like me, you remember this young lad from the Altringham Road Club bursting on to the UK cycling scene in 1976 with a brilliant win in the early season and much sought after Archer Grand Prix, ahead of some of the finest riders of the age then you’ll know he could do more than talk a good race.

Seasons ’74 and ’75 had seen him ‘thereabouts’ but that ’76 season with his Archer, Manx International and season-long Star Trophy wins was on a different level and meant he’d gone as far as he could in the UK.

Sure enough, in 1977 he was ‘en France’ with legendary Paris équipe, ACBB and winning Paris-Barentin, Paris-Maubege and the Tour de L’Essonne as well as the Archer GP back in the UK, encore.