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The First Three Nights of the Rotterdam Six Day 2019


We’ve arrived to setup at the Rotterdam Six Day 2019. However, like Lou Reed said; ‘First thing you learn is, you gotta wait.

In Lou’s case he’s; ‘waiting for my man.


‘I’m waiting for my creds’  …and the key to our cabin – our home away from home for the next six days.

That’s The Rotterdam next Six Days …

Very rarely do you walk into a Six Day hall and it all goes sweet.

You can’t park there.’

You’re not on the list.’

No cabin, you must share.’

You can’t put that table there.’

etc. etc.

Dutch 15 times former motor paced world champion Bruno Walrave is the man with the plan – and the keys; but he’s, ‘in a meeting…

Bruno is pushing 80 years-of-age but let’s just say that; “age hasn’t mellowed him.”

Eventually the door opens and we’re in business – handshakes, the key, creds and unload the mobile home.

Fridge, coffee machine, flasks, gels, bars, drinks, massage table, water, Coke, blankets, basins…

Dump everything in the cabin upstairs, we can’t set up trackside ‘til tomorrow – chow time.

Ah! how I’ve missed the camper van!

* * *

Day One

Lou Bega’s ‘Mambo Number Five’ throbs out, the place isn’t full but it’s a respectable crowd as Niki puts the hurt on everyone, including French team mate Thomas Boudat.