Monday, June 27, 2022
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James McKay Blog – Ronde des Combattants puts hairs on my chest!


I was on a high from last week’s success before the Ronde des Combattants, a race with four stages over three days in Verdun.

Teams were competing from Luxemburg, Germany and even a team from the CCM (UCI World Cycling Centre) in Switzerland (who host riders from poor countries without the support of large national federations).

* * *

Ronde des Combattants

The opening stage was a TTT-prologue around the cobbled centre and riverfront of Verdun, which was bathed in glorious evening sunshine.

It was run in a pursuit style, with our local rivals the DN3 Macadam Cowboys Team attempting to chase us down on the circuit. 

The stage was shortened by several kilometres without the news reaching our team before it was too late.

We had the bell for the last lap a lot earlier than expected, and as a result posted a very mediocre time. However, I thought it had been a success; We had managed not to drop any of team, dodged the ridiculous amount of road furniture, and held off the charging Cowboys.