Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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Alex Rasmussen – Zwift Scandinavian Ambassador


It’s not easy being an old guy in today’s cycling world of 10 grand bikes, 300 Euro shoes, through-axles, rotor diameters, a dozen sprockets, electric gears… and ‘Zwift.’ But unless we wish to be tagged ‘dinosaur’ we have to keep up. Fortunately, I used to be runner in the Six Day world for former World Scratch and Madison Champion, rapid roadman sprinter, not to mention Berlin, Bremen, Copenhagen, Gent and Grenoble Six Day winner, Denmark’s Alex Rasmussen.

Alex just happens to be Zwift’s ‘man in Scandinavia’ – no-one better to ask about e-racing.

And whilst we have him on Skype, let’s ask a few questions about what he’s been doing since he quit racing two years ago…