Monday, May 23, 2022
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Kyle Gordon – “Scottish Cycling look after me so well”


The new Scottish Cycling 25 Mile TT Champion Kyle Gordon (RT23), along with John Archibald (Ribble Pro Cyling), has been responsible for a re-think of what times are possible on Scottish roads over the last couple of seasons.

Between them they ‘own’ all of the most popular Scottish short distance competition records – with a nod to Douglas Watson’s 1:02:14 ‘30’ record. 

Archibald has updated the ‘10’ record to 18:18 [yes, we know, in a CTT event, before ‘Angry of Auchtermuchty’ reaches for his keyboard; but it was still on Scottish tarmac, ed.] and the ’25’ to 47:57.

Whilst Gordon has set high bars in the ‘50’ with 1:41:16 and a stunning 3:36:10 for the ’100.’

These rides aren’t just excellent in their own right, they inspire other fast men to raise their game with riders like Jamie Davidson, Wilson Renwick and David Griffiths having to adjust their expectations to match – no bad thing for the sport as a whole.

VeloVeritas caught up with Gordon on the Tuesday after his splendid 48 minute ride to the top of the ’25’ podium on Sunday at Forfar on a miserable but rapid morning.

But even Scottish Champions have to keep in touch with the ‘real’ world; on the Monday after the race Gordon had to complete a