Saturday, June 25, 2022
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The VV View: Moolah is a Must-Have?


Yes, it’s an ‘e’ world – cigarettes, cars, bikes and now … sunglasses. Bread, dosh, dough, moolah, shekels, that’s the subject of this rant.

No, it’s not April 1st – EKOI E-LENS shades have an electronic chip integrated into the photochromic lens which will immediately change from dark tint to clear or vice versa.

‘Charge lead supplied.’

At £224 I didn’t think they were too sore, given Assos want £300 for, well, frankly, not very much – a bit of curved plastic and two legs.

The EKOI glasses aren’t as trendy as Oakley – but then none are – but you get their ‘QuickStep limited edition’ shades for £89.52, which is a bargain these days.

And if they’re good enough for Elia, Michael, Max, Yves, Philippe and the boys, well…