Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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Alfie George – On Winning the u23 Gent Six Day!

"It all came down to the last madison where our endurance came through; we only took the lead on the second last night so it wasn't a foregone conclusion we had it won."


Peter Van Petegem, Kenny De Ketele, Simon Yates, Chris Lawless, Mark Stewart – what have they all got in common? Apart from the fact they were/are quality bike riders? They’ve all won the amateur, now u23 Gent Six Day race on the hallowed boards of the Kuipke Velodrome in the city’s Citadel Park.

And in case you ever wondered, the name translates roughly as ‘tin bath,’ like the one the coal miners used to use ‘back in the day,’ the shape of the track being of similar shape. 

Adding his name to the roll of honour is Scotland’s Alfie George, partnered with E