Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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Yanto Barker – the Man Behind the Le Col Brand


The new Bahrain McLaren team colour scheme for the team’s jerseys and bikes is hard to miss; but it was the little ‘LE COL’ logo that interested us. ‘Le Col’ is the clothing company founded and run by British ex-pro, Yanto Barker.

We found out more about outfitting a World Tour team and the man behind the brand.

You were a successful pro for a decade and more, Yanto; what would you rate as the ‘highs’ of your career?

“I did many races around the world and many stand out for lots of different reasons, even some training days were memorable – usually linked to good sensations or a beautiful place to ride.

“The highs are probably associated with representing my country; puting on a Team GB jersey is a real honour.

“Together with standing on the podium of the National Road Race championship, which I did next to Russel Downing and Steve Cummings in 2005.”