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The VeloVeritas Style Guide


The bike cost more than the car did and 300 dollars/euros/pounds shoes don’t faze you. But you still don’t feel you’re cutting it in the Sunday run posing stakes? Perhaps it’s time you had a Style Guide make over…

But we warn you, some of what you’re about to read in our VeloVeritas Style Guide might hurt.

OVERSHOES: should be black, we’re not talking about aero time test jobs, we mean the ones that stop you losing toes to frostbite on January runs.

If it’s not too cold, white socks worn over your shoes still cut it, a nod to the 70’s kinda vibe but not full ‘retro’  just above the ankle though, no longer.

Style Guide
We use something similar on the motorbike, Racer’s E-Cover heated overshoes could be the solution to the cold starts.

* * *

SHOES: Careful!

That’s all we’re saying; those yellow jobs might look cool in the ads but do they really go with the rest of your ensemble?

You should see your clothing as a ‘system’ not individual items stuck together

Black is always good and white looks good if matched with white socks.

Style Guide
We haven’t seen anyone wearing Wiggin’s designed shoes. Thankfully.

* * *

SOCKS: Simple!

White, not too long, period.

This especially applies if you have short legs, don’t make them look even shorter.

Never patterned, black or featuring Donald Trump’s head.

Only go ‘World Tour’ if you have the jersey and shorts to match

Stripes around the top; blue and red or green and red are acceptable but NEVER worlds bands, unless you’ve pulled on a rainbow jersey at some time in your life.

And whilst Mathieu Van Der Poel gets away with wearing his socks over the bottom of his leg warmers, you won’t.

And if you do get into time testing, ask yourself this question; ‘is saving a couple of watts worth looking like a third division soccer player in these “leg fairings?” 

The UCI have banned them and for once I agree with the blazers in Aigle.

Style Guide
Just no.

* * *

LEG WARMERS:  Black, UNDER the grippers on your shorts.

Yes, we know the Cofidis guys wear red ones but ask yourself this simple question; ‘am I Elia Viviani?

Dark blue can look cool if the shorts and jersey match but NEVER, ever, white.

Even one of the coolest men on the planet, Danilo Hondo couldn’t get away with white ones when he was German Champion – when he wore them with white shorts and long sleeves he had a disturbing resemblance to, ‘The Mummy,’

Style Guide
Pippo Pozzato’s outfit wouldn’t stay white for long in the Peebles stage of the 2007 Tour of Britain. Photo©Martin Williamson

* * *

SHORTS: As with shoes, we council caution.

Black is hard to go wrong with and yes, we know that many of the World Tour teams have coloured shorts but their clothing is designed as a system by experts.

Just think long and hard about those purple jobs.

And, as with socks, if you’re short be careful with the length, if they’re too long they’ll make your legs look even shorter.

And if it’s cold please do not venture out with bare legs, you’ll only see pros devoid of leg warmers at training camps if it’s really mild.

Legend is that no picture exists of Sean Kelly in shorts outside of a race environment.

Style Guide
Even World Champion Ale Valverde eschewed anything other than black shorts – still a bit long, mind.

* * *

UNDER VESTS: Always, wear one, there’s one for every type of weather the