Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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David Bolland – Planning the Season with Spirit Tifosi

"We're riding the Tour of Rhodes in early March, the Dutch National League races as well as the Premier Calendar races at home."


Every now and again we get ‘tip offs’ about riders who are showing promise and who someone thinks we should keep an eye on.

Jack Bauer and Ben Swift are just two of the men we spoke to well before their World Tour careers kicked off.

Darren Howitt contacted us the other day and told us that we should be keeping an eye out for a certain David Bolland.

Despite the fact Bolland is only 23 years-old he’s been involved in the sport for some 17 years.

Originally from Liverpool he now lives in Scunthorpe, and he’s done most things; ridden UK road races, won a British Grass title, jousted with the Kermis Kings in the Flatlands and East European hard men in Polska – most recently he’s ridden the British Points Race Championships, finishing not so far from the podium in fifth spot.

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