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Roadside at Het Nieuwsblad 2020

"There’s nothing the Monday morning papers like more than a Belgian winner..."


Friday night in Gent, we’re here for Het Nieuwsblad 2020 and we’re in ‘De Karper’, Iljo Keisse’s dad, Ronie’s bar.

Ronie has appeared before in the pages of VeloVeritas in his own right – and his bar, which is a stone’s throw from the Kuipke Velodrome, was in full ‘Omloop mode’ with pictures of previous winners adorning the walls.

Het Nieuwsblad 2020
Photo©Ed Hood

We particularly liked the one of Ireland’s late, great Shay Elliott from 1959 when he became the first English speaker to win the race – we waited a long time until Ian Stannard became the second in 2014.

We had a chat with Ronie who told us that Iljo reckons GVA is the man for tomorrow.

But we only imbibed a couple of pils at De Karper, our favourite haunt is just along the road.

Het Nieuwsblad 2020
Photo©Ed Hood

Open up your eyes, then you’ll realise here, I stand with my everlasting love,” the Love Affair’s timeless classic from 1967 is just one of the top tunes the Vivaldi’s juke box gifted us as the Jupiler flowed.

But we had a race to watch in the morning so we called, ‘time’ at a modest 02:30 am Saturday.

* * *

Since the race went World Tour the Het Nieuwsblad start just isn’t the same; the buses used to line up in the street, you could look at the bikes right until start time and brush shoulders with the riders as they pedalled to the sign-on.

Not now, whilst some of the buses park up outside, the majority park in the huge 30’s exhibition hall adjacent to the Kuipke Velodrome in Ghent.

VeloVeritas sage and soothsayer, Viktor refuses to attend; ‘all too glitzy now for me,’ he says.

Het Nieuwsblad 2020
Photo©Ed Hood

In the hall it’s hard to get near the bikes due to the way the busses are parked close to each other and the crush of people, whilst the air is heavy with diesel exhaust fumes. 

The riders get presented in the velodrome and there are ‘janitors’ everywhere to prevent you from getting too close to the riders.

I opted to position myself outside at the end of the fenced ‘runway’ from the presentation to the buses outside.

Photo©Ed Hood

Fortunately for me, eventual winner, big Jasper Stuyven was one of the riders I got a nice clear shot of. He was looking sharp.

He’s a nice guy, we interviewed him four years back at le Tour and found him to be a grounded, simpatico rider.

And at the end of this day he would join the likes of Nick Nuyens, Peter Van Petegem, Johan Museeuw, Jan Raas and Roger de Vlaeminck as one of only nine men in history to win both race of the ‘Opening Weekend,’ no one has ever won both in the same year and it’s one of a few feats in the sport to elude Eddy Merckx who ‘only’ won Het Volk.