Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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Strange Days Indeed


I was a sceptic; one of the, “it’s only the blinkin’ flu, for goodness sake!” Brigade.

It all seemed like an overreaction, these things happen in places like China with so many folks living on top of each other.

It was actually Viktor who made me stop and think, he pulled out of a meeting for a Sunday night drink in Edinburgh on the day of the Scotland v. France rugby match at Murrayfield.

He was concerned about putting his wife and family at risk by coming into all those fans from Italy, where the virus was beginning to become a problem.

Vik worried?


Shortly thereafter, my Italian friend Ale Federico told me he was working from home and his home town on the Adriatic was ‘locked down’ – serious stuff.

And it wasn’t long until ‘Our Man in Iberia,’ Al Hamilton reported that the same measures had been adopted in Spain with troops on the streets of Benidorm and the police stopping cars and questioning folk as to why they were out and where they were going?

Then I was speaking to Kyle Gordon – interview to come soon on VeloVeritas – at his March training camp up on Mount Teide on the island Tenerife, he and the other HUUB guys were all locked down.

A CCC guy who was up there training went out on his bike and was duly arrested.

And sadly, it looks like the HUUB record breaking assault on Cochabamba, Bolivia isn’t going to happen.

That cycling hub and home town to many professional racers, Girona in Catalonia is locked down too – Turbo/Zwift or nothing.