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Micheal Wilson – Aussie Giro Stage Winner in the 80’s


‘Lockdown’ does have benefits. The big advantage for me is that I have time to catch up with riders who it’s long overdue I should speak to. One such rider is Australia’s Micheal Wilson, a winner of Grand Tour stages and Italian races of quality.

Micheal was at home in Tasmania with a glass of his own Pinot Grigio to hand – Micheal is still involved in wine production – when I called and asked him to stroll down memory lane with me…

Micheal Wilson
Micheal Wilson.

In 1979 and 1980 you were a pursuit rider and on the national individual pursuit championship podium both years.

“I did a lot of track racing back then and I guess I could have gone down the individual and team pursuit road to Olympic selection but I chose the road.”

The Moscow Olympics 1980, quite an experience?

“Yeah, an exciting adventure for a young person even though the Aussie national team performance in the road race was pretty underwhelming – but that was in the days before things became more professional on the national squad, it was all so amateur at that time.”</