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Paul Kilbourne – Part One; Hired by ANC but I’m in over my head!


Earlier in the year we ran an interview with the man who started the ANC team ball rolling, all the way to that famous but fated appearance in the 1987 Tour de France, Mr. Micky Morrison. Our reader Paul Kilbourne got in touch to say he’d enjoyed the piece and revealed that he’d actually been a soigneur with the team.

With a little gentle coaxing we persuaded Paul to give his recollections of a team that could only have existed in the 80’s.

Here’s part one of a highly entertaining piece…

Tell us how you got involved with the ANC Team please, Paul.

“In the early 1980s I started to use the gym at Staffordshire University on some winter evenings. I started chatting to a few other users, one of whom turned out to be Micky Morrison.

“A year or so earlier I had done an evening course on sports massage and therapy with Bob Foxhall, a well-known cyclist and masseur (as we were then called) on the Birmingham scene. Micky quickly fastened onto this and asked if I’d give him a massage from time to time. 

“This developed into me going along with him to races with his Moducel Team and generally helping out with mechanic stuff, bidons and so on… At one point Mick asked if I could work with a composite professional team in the 1983 Sealink stage race that he was to be part of, managed by Bernard Burns.

“To be honest I was way out of my depth; I could give a decent massage, but all the rest that went along with an international stage race was new territory. However, with the help and forbearance of Bernard and the riders we got through, and I learned a lot.”