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Sid Barras – Part One; “Some would say I was just plain greedy!”

“Winning a bike race gives you a ‘high’ for a week, I was on a permanent ‘high’ for 20 years."


‘Super Sid’ was what they called him; his tarmac graffiti artist fans used to paint; “screw ‘em Sid!’ on any suitable stretch of road surface. Sid Barras was his Sunday name and few people have won more bike races than this man.

A fixture on the British professional scene for 18 years from 1970 onwards, it was high time we caught up with him.

Sid, just how many raced did you really win, we’ve seen it quoted variously from 197 up to 380?

“I won 80 as an amateur including three in the Milk race and one in the Scottish Milk Race and I won Star Trophy races like the Chequers GP.

“As a pro, excluding green jerseys, just first a