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Steve Jones – Pro in Belgium in the 80’s; “You had to sell a few races to make ends meet!”


Steve Jones is one of the ‘forgotten men’ of 70’s and 80’s cycling but he was British Junior 25 Mile Time Trial Champion – a Dutch Champion too, a serial winner as an amateur on the roads of Belgium and The Netherlands, an Olympian, winner of the amateur version of the Trofeo Baracchi, a team mate of some of the sport’s biggest names and a professional for a decade. Oh yes, and he rode for Mr. Capper’s ANC team.

Unfortunately, when we spoke to Steve he was recuperating from a nasty encounter with what he thinks was a van on our ever more dangerous UK roads…

What happened, Steve?

“I was going up a little climb on a quiet road, came over the top, started the descent, I was conscious of seeing a van but then I lost four or five days – I don’t remember a thing.

“I was slurring my speech when I got out of hospital and I get double vision if look to the right, the doctor says I have damage to my fourth cranial nerve which hopefully will get better over the next few months.”

We wish you a speedy recovery Steve; you were originally a time tester, 1975 Junior ‘25’ Champion and ‘up there’ in the Cycling Weekly “Campagnolo ‘25’ Series.” 

“It was an easy way into cycling, originally I rode mostly time trials and track, the time trials teach you how to suffer.”

A transition in ’76 to the road and a win in the Birmingham Division Road Race Championships.

“I had a burning desire to race in Europe and at the beginning of 1978 I packed my bags and headed to France but that went pear-shaped.

“However, in ’77 and ’78 I had raced in The Netherlands and in ’79 I got the opportunity to ride with a team sponsored by the Jan Van Erp tile company.

“I rode for them for three years, racing not just in The Netherlands but in Belgium and Italy too – we actually had a team reunion the other year.

“Jan Raas and Henk Lubberding were both on the team and my usua