Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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Rik Evans – Part One; Declining the Rainbow Jersey

“I’ve never had any real doubts about the option we took."


You students of track cycling out there, which was the year the mighty GB squad won their first team pursuit world title.

Did you say, 2005?

Then you’d be wrong.

The GB team pursuit squad won the event some 30 years earlier, in 1973 but ‘gave away’ the title.

This is the story of one of the team and that huge decision to let a world title go; from the precocious talent that was Rik Evans.

British schoolboy, junior and senior champion – and a world champion whilst still in his teens but lost to the sport with most of his music still within him.

It was a different world back then though; ‘amateur’ meant exactly that and there were no team psychologists or ‘mind mechanics’ to tell you how to keep your ‘inner chimp’ under control. Here’s Rik’s story.