Saturday, May 21, 2022
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Marianne Berglund – “Winning the Worlds really launched me in the USA”


She only started cycling to connect with a cute guy… that never happened but she did go on to win a World Road Race Championship and more than 100 races. Swedish-born but now a resident of the USA, Ms. Marianne Berglund took time recently to speak to us.

You were a skier Marianne, how did you get into cycling?

“Yes, I was a skier in my teenage years, up there at the Arctic Circle.

“I had a crush on this guy who played ice hockey, the hockey players used to train on the bike in the summer, I took up cycling so I could see more of him – but actually nothing came of it…”

How did you get into racing? 

“I was the only girl in the club but I had a good coach who could see something in me that I didn’t know was there, he paid attention to me, encouraged me and believed in me.”