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Billy Bilsland – Peugeot’s Scotsman


Billy Bilsland – ‘legend.’ An over-used word but entirely appropriate when speaking of this man; here’s one from our vaults we thought you might like to read:

‘Beelzland! The Engleesh! Where are they?’ 

Peter Post, Dutch Six Day hardman; Paris-Roubaix winner and manager of the ’70s Raleigh team is enquiring as to the whereabouts of a substantial portion of his team. 

It’s the morning of Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne race, another 200 kilometres the day after the Belgian season opening Het Volk 200 km horror.

The ‘Engleesh’ have in fact bolted back across the Channel after a particularly brutal Gent-Gent (as locals called Het Volk) the previous day. 

Billy Bilsland, sole Scotsman on the squad and indeed in the continental peloton, fixes Post with that cheeky Glasgow look. 

“Should you no’ know that? You bein’ the manager!”

Post was not a man to be messed with – but neither was Billy Bilsland.