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Pat McQuaid – “Shay Elliott was my idol as I was growing up”

“I was always a good sprinter and tended to win most of my races with a sprint.”


Pat McQuaid, former UCI President; people forget that before he moved into cycling ‘politics’ he was a good bike rider.

We thought it was time someone gave him a break, stopped asking about Lance and Hein and took him back to those days when he was pushing the pedals rather than a pen…

Coming from the family you did was it possible you could be anything other than a cyclist – and there were a few of you McQuaid boys on the go?

“No, there wasn’t much possibility. 

“My father Jim was a successful cyclist – indeed I saw him win races when I was a child. 

“Of his 10 children, seven were boys and all had a go at racing at some stage or another with different levels of success including two, Kieron and Oliver who competed in the Olympic Games.”

Your first race?

“That would h