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Jim Linden – Part One; Four Times Scottish Best All Rounder


In the ‘whatever happened to?’ file: Mr. Jim Linden, former four times Scottish BAR; six times Scottish individual time trial champion and three times Scottish record breaker. The good news is that we can report that he’s alive and well and living in Hong Kong where, at 84 years-of-age he’s still working as a consultant.

Linden first won the Scottish BAR for the first time in 1959 defending the title in 1960 and 1961. His was no ‘overnight’ success, he was sixth at 21 years-of-age in 1956, seventh in 1957 and third in 1958 before his 1959 victory.

He was second in 1962 to a stunning BAR debut performance from roadman Gordon McNaught, who in his first attempt at all of the three distances recorded 1:58:50 for a ‘50’ – 4:10:36 for a ‘100’ and 267 miles for a ’12’ winning with the title with just three rides.

That was to be Linden’s last tilt at the title for a decade. 

In 1971, stung by jibes ‘from someone my wife and I didn’t like,’ he returned to win the 1972 BAR with rides of: 2:0:24 – 4:13:22 and 260.5 miles.

In 1973 he was third to a rampant Drew Brunton who averaged a record 23.888 mph to win the title from Andy Kirk.

With regard to individual championships, Linden was ‘100’ champion in ’58, ’61 and ’72 – and ‘12’ champion in ’58, ’60 and ’73.

We thought we’d open our chat with the man by taking a trip through his three Scottish records.