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Dave Dungworth – 1960’s ’25’ and ’50’ TT Champion – Twice


This gentleman was just a little before my time but when I got into the sport back in 1970 his name was spoken in hushed tones as a twice holder of the ‘Holy Grail’ record in time trialling – the ’25.’

He was also twice a 30 mile record holder and twice a double champion, winning both the ‘25’ and ’50’ titles for two consecutive years.

Unusually for a short distance time trial specialist, he turned pro on the UK scene but didn’t really enjoy his time as a ‘cash man’ – as the Cycling Weekly magazine always referred to them.

A comeback in the 80’s saw him inside 51 minutes, considerably faster than his 52:28 record from 1966.

Mr. Dave Dungworth, short distance time trial legend.