Saturday, May 21, 2022
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Christina Murray – the ‘End-to-End Record’ is the ‘Logical Progression’


Like in this case, with Christina Murray, sometimes interview subjects come on to your radar in the least expected ways.

At the big lay-by on the Crow Road on Sunday I was admiring a titanium machine, a ‘No. 22’ by name, made in Canada. The unusual name comes from Titanium’s place in the periodic table of elements; but a very nicely built frame.

As one does, I got chatting to the owner, Fleur Stoops who asked me if VeloVeritas would be covering Christina’s End-to-End attempt?

I explained that we have an interview with Christina, ‘ready to run,’ having spoken to her after her victory in the CTT National 12 Hour Championship.

Not that Christina, the other one, Christina Murray, she goes next weekend,’ Fleur explained.

One thing lead to another and there I was sitting chatting over the phone to the ‘other Christina’ on Thursday evening. 

The basics first please, Christina; age, where from and what do you do for a living?

“I’m 44 years-old, originally from Cheshire but live in Glasgow and I’m a lieutenant colonel in the British Army.”

[I duly sat to attention for the rest of the interview.]