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Thomas Gloag – “I find myself getting better as the road slopes upwards”


Tom Pidcock’s stunning performance to win the ‘Baby’ Giro – with three stage wins along the way – over-shadowed a very promising ride by his Trinity Racing team mate, Thomas Gloag, the young man from London getting stronger as the race progressed.

Gloag is no stranger to Scottish racing either, winning Stage One of the Tour of the Kingdom last season.

Best ‘have a word,’ we thought…

Thomas Gloag
Thomas Gloag at the Baby Giro. Photo©supplied

Originally a VC Londres, Herne Hill, man so you started as a ‘trackie’ – do you still ride the velodromes?

“For training I have never really left Herne Hill. 

“In the winter and summer I always ride down there at least once a week: in the chaingang or behind the derny. 

“You can’t really replicate the top end power and leg speed you get from those sessions anywhere else. 

“More importantly it’s also the most fun you can have on the bike training!

“I haven’t really ridden any top level track races since u16, apart from the odd Madison. 

“It’s definitely something I still enjoy but I wou