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Kyle Gordon – Hurtling to Rapid ’10’ Times!


Kyle Gordon doesn’t seem to have been phased by the disappointment of the HUUB team’s Bolivian record attempts falling victim to the Covid crisis.

The super-fast Cochabamba velodrome was the venue where the ‘Boys from Derbados’ were going for multiple world records from one kilometre to one hour; with Kyle going for the Scottish hour record – which can now be set on any velodrome rather than just on a track in Scotland.

The versatile man from Alness has recently been knocking out some super-fast 10 mile times as part of his build-up to the CTT ‘25’ and ‘50’ Championships later in the year.

First off there was an extremely rapid one on the Levens course where he hurtled to a 17:57 – as a man who clearly remembers Colin Sturgess first sub-19 ride back in 1988 I find Kyle’s time astonishing; and as for Big Marcin Bialoblocki’s 16:35, that’s from another planet.

Then there was an 18:41 for Kyle in the National Championship just five seconds off the podium of Dan Bigham, reigning ’25’ Champion, Chris Fennell and Simon Wilson. 

Kyle completed his trio of rapid rides with a 19:26 for third place in the Coalville Invitation ‘sporting’ event, again with Bigham the winner. 

We kicked off by asking the obvious question; could he have found those five missing seconds he was back on Simon Wilson in the National ‘10’?

”It’s hard to say but when I crossed the line I had nothing left in the tank.

“A ‘10’ is a pretty extreme effort and it’s hard to look back and think where you might have picked up those missing seconds on this section or that section of the course but when I looked at my power file after the race it showed that I’d executed the ride pretty damn well.”

Can we ask about the dreaded ‘numbers’?

“My average power output was 381 watts which is about the same as when I rode the 17:57 on the Levens course.”

Kyle Gordon pictured after last year’s Loch Ken TT. Photo©Martin Williamson

What’s the story behind the Coalville ‘10’?

“It’s an annual invitation event, held on the bank holiday Monday.

“I was in the area and since John Archibald and Dan Bigham were riding it I thought it would be good to ride too.

“It’s on a sporting course, technical, you have to think all the time about how to dose your effort, where you can recover.

“I was third with 19:26 to Dan Bigham’s 18:46, he has some serious form right now.”

How do you train to ride a 17 minute ‘10’?

“My normal stuff, a lot of volume, concentrate on endurance then 95% threshold work and last two weeks concentrate on Vo2 max.”

Have you altered your position this year?

“A little, to make it UCI legal, I changed the angle of the tri-bars.

“I’ve started doing cycling specific yoga and flexibility, it helps a great deal in terms of getting as aero as you can and holding the position.

“I’ve been tuning in to Charline Jones [nee Joiner] classes on-line and it’s been very helpful in getting my position refined.”

Kyle Gordon
Kyle Gordon has been working on improving his TT position even more. Photo©Martin Williamson

RT 23 not Ribble for 2020?

“The HUUB track team was a totally separate entity from the Ribble road team and I was a founder member of RT23 so it’s good to be back riding in their colours.” 

Any post ‘Tenerife Blues’ with the Bolivia adventure falling victim to the Covid crisis and lockdown?

“We were on our second training camp in Tenerife when it all started to happen, we brought forward our flights so we wouldn’t get trapped out there.

“Bolivia had to be postponed and we don’t know when or if it will happen in future.

“Being honest, lockdown didn’t affect us too much, we were all in the team house and training with the weights and on the WattBike, doing big Zwift rides then getting out on the bike when things eased.

“Like I said, it didn’t really affect us.”

Kyle Gordon
Kyle Gordon, locked down on Mount Tiede. Photo©supplied

But you’re back home in Alness now?

“I’ve been ‘sofa-surfing’ down south to ride the ‘10’s we discussed but yes, I was in Derby until the end of May then came north and have been doing some days working at the plumbing with my dad up in Alness.

“I sat down on my birthday and had a think about what I wanted to do with my cycling career and have decided to commit the next two years too gaining selection for and winning a medal at the next Commonwealth Games.

“I’ve been speaking to Scottish Cycling and I think that with John Archibald, Mark Stewart and myself we have the nucleus of a good team pursuit squad.

“Then there are riders like Alfie George and there’s a talented rider who you may not be familiar with, Michael Gill who’s returning to Scotland.”

On the subject of the track, have you been on the boards at all?

“No, Glasgow track hasn’t re-opened and my focus for the moment is the CTT ‘25’ and ‘50’ – I wouldn’t normally be turning to the track until after those events are past so it’s no obstacle to my preparation. 

“As well as the ‘25’ and ‘50’ champs I have some other smaller events planned including some road races in North East England.” 

What does 2021 hold for you?

“The British Track Championships in January are the first goal – Covid permitting – and there are some UCI Class One track events I’d like to ride, there’s one in Switzerland and one in Poland.

“I’ve been working hard in training, putting in 17 to 22 hours each week, I want to be the best I can be; I’m looking at every small improvement I can make.”

Kyle Gordon
Kyle Gordon has been forced to sit out track racing for now. Photo©HUUB Wattbike

VeloVeritas looks forward to seeing Kyle in action in the CTT ‘25’ and ‘50’ Championships and wishes him the best of luck. 

* * *

And since the main part of this piece was written, Kyle has firmly stamped ‘favourite’ for the CTT ‘25’ upon himself with a stunning 46:22 minute ride in the ECCA event on 20th September.

Kyle Gordon - Recent TT Results

Coalville 10m TT

1 Dan Bigham Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling 18:46 Male Senior
2 John Archibald Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling 18:52 Male Senior
3 Kyle Gordon RT 23 19:26 Male Senior
4 Michael Gill AeroLab Ward WheelZ 20:19 Male Espoir
5 Leon Wright Race Hub 20:36 Male Senior
6 David Mead Race Rapid 20:47 Male Vet
7 Richard Oakes Team Ohten Aveas 20:54 Male Vet
8 Oliver Peckover ActiveEdge Race Team P/B Cooper/BMW Inchcape 20:55 Male Espoir
9 Hayley Simmonds AeroCoach 21:45 Female Senior
10 Steve Savage Melton Olympic CC 21:50 Male Senior
11 Gareth Pymm Team Bottrill 21:54 Male Senior
12 Emily Meakin The Independent Pedaler – Nopinz 21:58 Female Senior
13 Cian Leveridge Team PB Performance 22:02 Male Espoir
14 Harrison Tacey Leicestershire RC 22:04 Male Junior
15 Mike Jones OVB 22:09 Male Senior
16 Rich Steels Ilkeston Cycle Club 22:15 Male Vet
17 Tim Hood Team Bottrill 22:16 Male Vet
18 Ian Guilor Mapperley CC 22:22 Male Vet
19 Euan Tebbutt Cambridge University CC 22:27 Male Espoir
20 Richard Golding Ilkeston Cycle Club 22:35 Male Vet
21 Francesca Hall Team Boompods 22:41 Female Senior
22 Geoff Platts Team Bottrill 23:05 Male Vet
23 Brit Tate Team Bottrill 23:12 Female Senior
24 Colin Parkinson South Western Road Club 23:30 Male Vet
25 Ed Tarelli Race Hub 23:54 Male Vet
26 Isaac Russell Team PB Performance 24:07:00 Male Espoir
27 Ashley Roue Team Lutterworth Cycle Centre 24:08:00 Male Vet
28 James Brayford Lyme Racing Club 24:09:00 Male Senior
29 Mark Shepherd Sportstest RT 24:39:00 Male Vet
30 Richard Ferguson Beeston Cycling Club 24:54:00 Male Vet
31 Alison Fovargue Team Empella 25:06:00 Female Senior
32 Wendy Gooding Team Bottrill 26:30:00 Female Vet
33 Sally Maitland Beeston Cycling Club 26:52:00 Female Vet
34 Hayley Moore Ilkeston Cycle Club 27:34:00 Female Senior

ECCA 25m Time Trial

1 Kyle Gordon RT 23 46:22:00 Male Senior
2 Alexander Royle Manchester Bicycle Club 48:29:00 Male Senior
3 Jack Brown ActiveEdge Race Team P/B Cooper/BMW Inchcape 48:46:00 Male Espoir
4 James Jenkins Richardsons-Trek RT 49:15:00 Male Espoir
5 Dave Bell Cambridge CC 49:49:00 Male Senior
6 Darren Yarwood Almerico Vive Le Velo 50:02:00 Male Vet
7 Andy Proffitt Arctic Aircon RT 50:24:00 Male Vet
8 Mark Richards D A P Cycling Club 50:56:00 Male Senior
9 Darran Bennett Ely & District CC/B&T Motor Repairs 51:08:00 Male Vet
10 Ronnie Stone Islington Cycling Club 51:19:00 Male Vet
11 Mark Ellis Team Milton Keynes 51:54:00 Male Vet
12 Malcolm Smith Peterborough CC 52:18:00 Male Vet
13 Mark Arnold VTTA (East Anglia Group) 52:26:00 Male Vet
14 Matthew Lord Lee Valley Youth CC 52:33:00 Male Junior
15 Jamie Sparrow Kings Lynn CC 52:41:00 Male Vet
16 James Scarth Bishop’s Stortford CC 52:52:00 Male Vet
17 Nic Pillinger Team Secret Squirrel 53:08:00 Male Vet
18 Daniel Ward South Normanton C C 53:21:00 Male Senior
19 Matthew McClure Wisbech Whs 53:34:00 Male Senior
20 Julian Bosley Stowmarket & District CC 53:47:00 Male Vet
21 Ryan Gray Tri Harder 54:01:00 Male C5
22 Abid Hussain Icknield RC 54:38:00 Male Vet
23 Jennifer Millmore Islington Cycling Club 54:39:00 Female Senior
24 Thomas Carroll CC Breckland 54:42:00 Male Senior
25 Stephen Wilkinson TWB – On Time Race Team 54:50:00 Male Vet
26 Grant Orsborn Bedfordshire Road RT 54:59:00 Male Vet
27 Alfie Salmon Lee Valley Youth CC 55:08:00 Male Junior
28 Andrew Grant Cambridge CC 55:10:00 Male Vet
29 John Manlow Ely & District CC/B&T Motor Repairs 55:14:00 Male Vet
30 Philip Watkins North Norfolk Whs 55:17:00 Male Vet
31 Steve Cotton Iceni Velo 55:23:00 Male Vet
32 Craig Lamb Alford Whs 55:49:00 Male Vet
33 John Swindells Iceni Velo 55:51:00 Male Vet
34 Oliver Cozens Norwich A B C 56:03:00 Male Senior
35 Daniel Homer London Phoenix CC 56:09:00 Male Vet
36 Colin Lizieri Cambridge CC 56:10:00 Male Vet
37 Alex Purcell CC Sudbury 56:13:00 Male Senior
40 Angus Lawrence Lee Valley Youth CC 56:35:00 Male Junior
41 Simon Brierley Tri-Anglia Triathlon Club 56:46:00 Male Vet
42 Kelvin Fleuty Maldon & District CC 56:54:00 Male Vet
43 Chris Lea Buxton CC/Sett Valley Cycles 56:56:00 Male Vet
44 Geoff Frost Team Velovelocity 56:57:00 Male Vet
45 Jackie Field CC Ashwell 56:58:00 Female Vet
46 Mark Howard Eagle Road Club 57:06:00 Male Senior
47 Nick Esser D A P Cycling Club 57:24:00 Male Vet
48 Mark Edmonds Shaftesbury CC 57:27:00 Male Vet
49 Chris Tye Plomesgate CC 57:40:00 Male Vet
50 Paul Dennington VC Baracchi 57:49:00 Male Vet
51 Philip Waring VTTA (East Anglia Group) 57:56:00 Male Vet
52 Mark Ready Diss & District CC 58:03:00 Male Vet
53 Mike Watson Lowestoft Wheelers Cycling Club 58:08:00 Male Vet
54 Brandon Baldacci Lee Valley Youth CC 58:27:00 Male Junior
55 Kim Barfoot-Brace Bath Cycling Club 58:36:00 Female Senior
56 Martin Bullen Peterborough CC 59:18:00 Male Vet
57 Adam Bishop Lea Valley CC 59:44:00 Male Vet
58 Roger Sewell Wisbech Whs 59:53:00 Male Vet
59 Jason Turner Norwich A B C 59:57:00 Male Vet
60 Kevin Hickman API-Metrow 01:00:30 Male Vet
61 Deborah Beare Icknield RC 01:00:41 Female Senior
62 Steve Croggon Beacon Roads CC 01:00:42 Male Vet
63 Bob Quarton Wolsey RC 01:01:24 Male Vet
64 Adrian McHale Peterborough CC 01:01:28 Male Vet
65 Patrick Ellis Diss & District CC 01:02:05 Male Vet
66 Matt Price Icknield RC 01:02:36 Male Vet
67 Philip Jones Peterborough CC 01:03:14 Male Vet
68 Jim Robertson St Neots CC 01:03:45 Male Vet
69 Patrick Charlton Wolsey RC 01:03:47 Male Vet
70 Helen Webster CC Breckland 01:05:14 Female Vet
71 John Swanbury VC Baracchi 01:07:36 Male Vet
72 Phil Bailey Basildon CC 01:10:44 Male Vet
73 David Fenn CC Sudbury 01:11:51 Male Vet
74 Cheryl Tye Plomesgate CC 01:14:24 Female Vet
75 Steve Shore Southend Wheelers 01:15:49 Male Vet

1 Richard May Islington Cycling Club 56:13:00 Male Vet
1 David Shannon Islington Cycling Club 56:13:00 Male Vet
Ed Hood
Ed's been involved in cycling for over 45 years. In that time he's been a successful time triallist, team manager, and sponsor of several teams and clubs. He's also a respected and successful coach, and during the winter months can often be found working in the cabins at the Six Days. Ed remains a massive fan of the sport and couples his extensive contacts with an inexhaustable enthusiasm for the minutiae and the history of our sport.

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