Saturday, May 21, 2022
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Kyle Gordon – National 50 Mile TT Champion, Despite Crashing!


It’s 27 years since Graeme Obree became the first Scotsman to win the RTTC [now CTT] 50 mile Time Trial Championship, putting nine minutes into silver medallist, Stuart Dangerfield with a 1:39:01 ride to break Ian Cammish’s decade old competition record by 50 seconds.

And that was just 18 hours after the Ayrshire man had broken Matt Illingworth’s 10 mile competition record with an 18:27 ride.

Neither of these performances was on a ‘drag strip’ and both were on fixed wheel, 119” as I recall, with the ‘10’ record ride achieved despite a near gale blowing.

But I digress, the point of the story is that another Scotsman has just taken the ‘50’ title; perhaps the most sacred TT championship to win after the ‘Blue Riband’ 25 mile title – also won by a Scot, John Archibald, in case we need to remind you. 

This time a man from the Highlands; Kyle Gordon was fourth in the CTT 10 Mile Championship and fifth in the CTT 25 Mile Championship but made no mistakes – well, except for crashing that is – in the 50 Mile Championship held on a far from ‘float’ course in the north east of England near Cramlington.

VeloVeritas caught up with him the day after his epic ride.