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Linda Ann – On Life with Philippa York


By any measure it’s an unusual story; hard man, Robert Millar the Tour de France ‘King of the Mountains’ in 1984, second overall twice in the Vuelta, second in the Giro and fourth overall in the Tour de France transitions into female Philippa York.

A factor in the story which intrigued me was that the lady who was Robert’s partner and the mother of his daughter, is still Philippa’s partner: Linda Ann. 

We asked Linda Ann if she’d like to do an interview with us and she kindly consented.

Linda Ann. Photo©supplied

Tell us about life ‘BR’- ‘Before Robert’ and your adventures in Environmental Health – what do you do these days?

“Life BR mostly involved cars & motorbikes. I had a series of dodgy cars, my first was a Triumph Spitfire 1500 (with the all-important overdrive) it looked great until I nudged a wall and the boot fell out. 

“My penchant for Alfa Romeos led to a ‘Sud’ and GTV, I still hanker after them. 

“Italian’s always have the edge on style, (De Rosa/Campagnolo/Bianchi) I also had a Moto Guzzi Monza 500 motorbike and a Benelli 250 motorbike which was interestingly unreliable. 

“Pippa has a Ducati 900 super light