Tuesday, May 24, 2022
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Ron Keeble – “No way I’d have let the Rainbow Jerseys go!”


In recent years the ‘Big Two’ of Team Pursuiting have been the Australian and GB teams; but back in the early to mid-70’s the nations to beat were bitter rivals East and West Germany.

Not just a clash of jerseys but a political and ideological battle; Eastern socialism v. decadent Western capitalism.

Both teams enjoyed a high level of Government support.

However, on their day a group of under-funded but driven Englishmen could challenge that German domination.

The Great Britain team took Olympic bronze in ’72; Worlds silver in ’73; tasted bitter disappointment in ’74 when on a world record ride and again took Olympic bronze in ’76.

Recently we’ve interviewed three of the gentlemen who were in those teams: Ian Banbury, Rik Evans and Mick Bennett.

We’ve caught up with another of the group, Mr. Ron Keeble who was in the Munich team which took Olympic bronze in 1972.

We kicked off by asking Ron if, had he been in the squad in ’73, he would have surrendered the rainbow jerseys as the GB team did. 

In the Team Pursuit final the West Germans were ‘up’ on GB and seemingly headed for victory but hit a trackside official, crashed and failed to finish three men.