Sunday, June 26, 2022
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Hindsight is 2020


What was it Oasis sang about hindsight? ‘Don’t look back in anger.’

I look back on 2020 not with anger but with sadness; I was a sceptic to begin with – ‘it’s just the flu!’ quoth yours truly.

But as I saw more friends and colleagues touched by the evil finger of Covid, I had to revise my opinion on that ‘just the flu’ diagnosis. 

If you or your friends, colleagues or family have had the misfortune to encounter Covid then you have our commiserations.

And on the subject of commiserations, we extend ours to Tom Clark on the sad loss of his lovely wife, Elizabeth.

A cruel year made even worse for Tom and his boys, David, Graeme and Douglas to whom we extend our deepest sympathies.

The VeloVeritas year?

We got to the Six Days – but they’ll be our last for a while – so that was a bonus.

Home boy and multiple winner and podium finisher in the Six Day at Copenhagen, Michael Mørkøv – paired with rising star in the Danish heavens, Oliver Wulff Frederiksen, made up ‘Par #7’. Photo©Ed Hood

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