Sunday, June 26, 2022
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Shelley Verses – Pro Cycling’s First Female Soigneuse

"I feel like I worked in the golden era of cycling."


We recently ran an interview with Ms. Cherie Pridham, the World Tour’s first female DS but if we go back a few years to the 80’s, who was the first lady to infiltrate the macho world of pro cycling?

Soigneurs; they shouldn’t be too young – they have to have lived a bit; they should be mysterious; surrounded by an aura of camphor and early season changing rooms; of few, gruff words; have hands like shovels; be prone to random sage pronouncements and should never admit that the current pros are as good as they were, ‘back in the day’ – and naturally everyone should be terrified of them.

Blonde, cute, smiling, chatty, cheerful, Californian – and a woman?

Mais non! Mon Dieu! Sacre bleu!

But that was – and is – Ms. Shelley Verses, the first female to break into the closed world of pro cycling as a soigneur with Motorola, La Vie Claire, Toshiba and TVM.

Here’s just a little bit of her story…