Monday, May 23, 2022
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Christophe Andre – Rider Finder


When you see riders ‘making the grade’ in France do you ever wonder how the connection was made, how they came to have a ride and a roof over their head in La Belle France

A man who’s been responsible for more than a few British riders – including Jacob Vaughan, who we interviewed recently – getting their chance in The Republic is Monsieur Christophe Andre. 

Christophe very kindly agreed to talk to us about his roles as a ‘scout’ on the French Cycling scene.

How did you get into cycling originally, Christophe?

“My father was a rider in the era of Anquetil and Poulidor – he was very friendly with the English rider Vin Denson [the first English speaking rider to win a stage in the Giro, ed.] that’s how I came to have an affinity with the British riders. 

“I raced a little but wasn’t serious; my favourite parcours was the disco.”