Monday, May 23, 2022
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Remembering Bert Oosterbosch


World Team Time Trial Champion, World Professional Pursuit Champion, Tour de France stage winner, ‘chronoman,’ prologue specialist par excellence and winner of nigh on 100 races, Bert Oosterbosch was straight out of the top drawer.

Unfortunately he was lost to this world at just 32 years-of-age.

VeloVeritas spoke to his nephew Erwin Ooosterbosch, who in turn spoke to Bert’s family to give us their remembrances of Bert Oosterbosch the man and Bert Oosterbosch the force of nature on a bicycle – in particular, a Raleigh bicycle.   

What kind of person was the young and then adult Bert Oosterbosch?

“As a child Bert was always full of energy and didn’t exactly know how to lose it, when he started cycling he could put his energy in that. 

“He loved to play pranks on people, always harmless but he loved to joke around and was a little naughty at some times. 

“As a grown up Bert was a very kind and lovable man, easy to be around. 

“He still kept his boyish ways but could be serious when the occasion asked for it.”