Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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Hamish Strachan – “I thought Italy would play much better to my strengths”


You may have read our recent interview with Senor Flavio Zappi here on VeloVeritas? This season the Zappi Racing Team will have strong Scottish representation with Messrs. Hamish Strachan and Matthias Barnett quitting Bonnie but chilly Scotland and the brooding, icy waters of the North Sea for La Bella Italia and the more benign waters of the Adriatico.

We caught up with Hamish the day of the squadra’s first race, the 148 kilometre Trofeo Fubine La Porta Del Monferrato which went to 23 year-old Simone Piccolo of Viris Vigevano from Alessio Martinelli of the omnipresent and mighty Colpack Ballan squadra.

Hamish Strachan
Hamish Strachan reckons the racing in Italy will suit him much better than his native Scotland. Photo©supplied

Hamish wasn’t racing but the