Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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Callum Thornley – “The road is where my ambitions lay”


When Scottish Cycling Endurance Coach and seven times Scottish Road Race Champion, Evan Oliphant gets in touch to tell us there’s a junior rider named Callum Thornley that we should be speaking to, we snap to attention.

He’s been knocking out a string of fast 10 mile time trials.

Indeed he has, with 19:46, a 19:49 and a 20:05: if you’re as old as me then you’ll remember us all saying ‘wow!’ when big Londoner, David Akam first took the RTTC ’10’ record below the 20 minute barrier back in 1980 – and now we have a Scottish 17 year-old riding two 30 mph 10 mile tests within a week.

The world turns…

Yes, well worth further investigation of this Callum Thornley chap, we thought to ourselves.

Callum Thornley
Callum Thornley is just 17 and riding 30mph ‘Tens’. Photo©sup