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Bernie Burns – My Tribute to the 1964 Falcon Team


My 81st birthday isn’t so far away now; if me and my faithful hound do make it, then I think we’d be both be happy with a wee stroll, a seat in the sun with a good read, a brandy for me and a nice bone for him. But that’s not how former British professional, Bernie Burns 81st birthday went; he was out on his bike and did, what else but – 81 miles, one mile for each year of his life.

To use a Sean Kelly word, ‘MAJOR’ respect.

Bernie Burns at 81 years of age. Photo©supplied

Bernard got in touch with us recently to share a bit of cycling history and to comment on what today’s champions put back into a sport that has given them so much.

He was at pains to point out that piece wasn’t a, ‘me, me, me’ job but rather a tribute to his team mates from the British 1964 Falcon team and the contribution they made to cycling after their own careers had ended.

But we felt that Bernard’s career both as a rider, manager and coach was also well worth looking at…