Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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Hamish Strachan – “I’m missing that last bit of nastiness that you need to be competitive”


Sorry, I fell asleep, I need my afternoon nap after one of Flavio’s training sessions – a 90 minute chain gang then six laps of a circuit with a steep ‘kicker’ in it.’ That was Hamish Strachan [Zappi Racing Team & Scotland] explaining to us why he’d missed our call – good to hear that the young man is back in the groove after a difficult start to his year, he explained:

“It happened not long after we last spoke back in March.

We’d ridden out to see a pro race, the Coppi e Bartali and on the way back were going down a hill, nothing too technical, when I lost my front wheel and went down.

It wasn’t fast but it was blunt; I went down hard.

“I knew something wasn’t right because I was in a lot of pain but rode the 30 K back to our apartment.

“I tried to ride through it over the next few days but was in too much pain to push more than 100 watts.

“Eventually Flavio said; ‘right, we’re taking you to hospital, boy!’

“It transpired I had two fractures of my pelvis, so I decided to return home to recuperate.”