Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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Cameron Mason – “Elite level is the benchmark”


It’s been a year since we last caught up with 21 year-old Linlithgow ‘cross man,’ Cameron Mason who rides for Trinity Racing; since then he’s been cementing his place as one of the top u23 ‘cross riders in the world – high times we caught up with him again.

But Cameron wasn’t among the frozen cabbage fields and sand dunes of Flanders when we spoke, he was down in sunny Calpe on the Mediterranean to ‘top up’ on endurance training…

Cameron Mason
Cameron Mason. Photo©supplied

A wee break from competition then, Cameron?

“Yes, I feel lucky to be down here in Spain for 10 days; the focus is on volume which you don’t get the chance to do when you’re racing.

“I did four hours today, I have four hours tomorrow then six hour the day after.”

We saw you in action at the