Monday, August 8, 2022
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The Fife Coastal Path: Part One, Kirkcaldy to East Wemyss


I’d been meaning to get back into semi-serious bike riding for a while but a diagnosis of spinal stenosis, which doesn’t affect everyday life too much but which is damn sore if you’re pressing hard on the pedals, made it difficult.

Then came the, ‘Eureka!’ moment – an e-Bike.

I’m lucky where I stay; just yards from the Fife Coastal Path, so an ‘e-Gravel Bike’ was the choice.

I plumped for the Ribble AL-e machine, unlike many e-Bikes which have lumps, bumps and protuberances the Ribble has the motor in the rear hub and the battery within the down tube.

To the casual observer, apart from what could be an ejector seat button on the top tube it’s indistinguishable from a normal machine.  

The Coastal Path is for pedestrians and cyclists only, running right round the Coast of the peninsula which forms the Kingdom of Fife, 117 miles from Kincardine on the River Forth to Newburgh on the River Tay.

I hope to ride all of it over time, not in one go, I’m too old for that, rather a section at a time.

It makes sense to start in Kirkcaldy, not so far from where I live in Dysart.