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The VeloVeritas Years – 2010: Barredo First to Lagos de Covadonga


VeloVeritas‘s soothsayer Viktor would say; ‘It’s just a big hill!‘ But if you’ve ever been up at the Lagos de Covadonga then you’ll know there’s much more to it than that.

High on the bleak moor which is skirted by the parcours, back in the year 722 AD the Asturian King, Pelagius defeated the hitherto invulnerable Moors (Arabs we’d call them now) who ruled Spain at that time at the Battle of Covadonga.

The bones of the dead still lay up there.

At the foot of the climb is the cave where Pelagius and his men prayed the night before the battle.

The Virgin is said to have appeared to them in a vision and the cave is now a place of pilgrimage.

You can feel all that the history in the air – and when the cloud comes down it’s even stronger.

Yes, a wee bit more than ‘a big hill.’

We watched Carlos Barredo follow in the footsteps of Robert Millar on a day of low cloud, rain and cold to Lagos de Covadonga.

Just a pity Carlos got ‘done’ not long after and lost the win…

* * *

This article first ran on 14th September, 2010

Carlos Barredo’s grandmother wells up, ‘my God, my God’ she keeps repeating as Carlos’s amigo hugs her – the man himself hurtled past just seconds ago to join the immortals as a winner on the Lagos de Covadonga.