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Norrie Drummond – Reminiscing with Quality Trivia


It’s hard to believe but it’s now 13 years since VeloVeritas’ Belgium and East Europe archivist, Ivan and I drove through to Strathaven to meet Mr. Norrie Drummond, former racing cyclist of note in Auld Scotia and Belgium and patron of the Drummond Trophy Road Race, one of few remaining ‘landmark’ races in Scotland.

Norrie Drummond
Norrie Drummond.

There’s been a lot of water under a lot of bridges since then, so we were delighted to receive a phone call from Mr. Drummond the other day.

However, he was calling to administer a mild rebuke to us; about our obituary for Hector Mackenzie.

He was calling to say that it wasn’t the 1963 Glasgow Centre championships where he beat Hector into second spot, rather the ‘Milk Race,’ which was a single day race prior to becoming a stage race.

In those days they didn’t skimp on the mileages, the race ran from Ayr up to Falkirk – and then back again.

The following weekend was the Glasgow Centre Championship which Norrie also won.

Going back to the Milk Race, the first edition, which was held in 1961, saw Norrie second to the late Hughie McGui