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Pip Taylor – Part One; Reflections of a Six Day Runner


Regular VeloVeritas reader, Pip Taylor was a ‘runner’ at two of the early editions of the SKOL Six Day races in London, he’s kindly shared his recollections with us.

* * *

By Pip Taylor

I fell in love with Six Day track racing having been taken to the Earls Court Bike Show by my Father in 1967. 

The sight of continental professionals riding on a 140 metre “wall of death” was intoxicating. 

I just wanted to ride on that track and to be a Six Day rider. 

I raced my Chiltern RC club-mates along Slough High Street, Madison slinging each other going home from club nights.

One way for young riders to learn about the real world of Six Day track cycling was to be a runner for one of the professional teams riding in a Six Day. 

The term ‘runner’ in professional track cycling terms is used to describe a rider or a team’s helper. 

A runner works alongside a team’s mechanic and soigneur and does all the menial jobs. 

Pip Taylor ‘ran’ for Tony Gowland, here full gas in the SKOL Six. Photo©John Pierce / PhotoSport International UK USA Asia

Here are a few reflections on my experience as a runner in the early 1970’s at the SKOL 6 Day

It was a different age…