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Tim Mountford, Part One – Tandem Sprinting at the ’64 Olympics

At eighteen years-old Tim was living on his own, sharing a flat with another rider, worked at a local bike shop, was training for the 1964 Olympic Games in Tokyo and was creator and chief editor of a cycling magazine titled the Southern California Cycling Journal.


Tim Mountford was one of the pioneers of US professional cycling in the 60’s and 70’s; he recently gave freely of his time to tell VeloVeritas about his adventures in what was a golden age for European cycling.

It’s a ‘biggie’ so we’ll be running it over four parts.

In 1970 many Europeans wondered what inspired the talented athlete Tim Mountford from Surf City, California to hop on a one-way plane to Paris to pursue a challenging career in European professional Six Day racing, when in fact he had never seen a Six Day race in his life. 

Earlier at fifteen years old Tim had plenty of street smarts and self-confidence as well a