Saturday, May 21, 2022
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Merlin Cycles Classic TT Series – Round 3, Loch Ken


Perhaps I shouldn’t have had that last Strega on top of the Erdinger, Malbec and Grappa last night? But when you get an invite to Round Three of the Merlin Cycles Classic TT Series from the organiser and he takes the trouble to send you the start sheet and rider information sheet, hangovers must be ignored.

The Loch Ken TT under the auspices of the CTT, way down in the lovely southwest.

Is it really two years since we were here?

But of course, last year hardly existed for Scottish time trials, we managed one to see but one race – the Tour of the Campsies.  

Those twisting, turning Borders roads en route the race ain’t the answer if you’re feeling a little queasy.

We had the usual Satnav misadventures so yet again I was saying to Martin; ‘never