Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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Jo Patterson – CTT 100 Mile TT Champion


It’s 23 years since Andrea Pogson of Midlothian RT last won the RTTC [now CTT] 100 mile time trial championship for Scotland with a 4:12 ride at Teeside, and whilst Jo Patterson – who has just won the race with a stunning 3:42 ride in Wales, riding for The Independent Pedaler-Nopinz – has represented Ireland internationally and was born in England, she lives in Scotland and works in Wishae – that’s ‘Wishaw’ to non-natives… ‘good enough for us,’ we thought to ourselves, here at VeloVeritas.

Jo Patterson
Jo Patterson flying towards the CTT 100 Mile TT Championship. Photo©supplied

Congratulations on a great ride, Jo – the basics first please?

“I’m 32 years-old from Northern Ireland but based in Glasgow where I attended university. 

“I’m married and work in Wishaw where I’m training to be a GP.”

3:42:35 on a ‘long’ course – that’s a very impressive ride, what was your previous