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Mick Bennett – “I’d take that rainbow jersey in a heartbeat!”

“I actually skiffed that same official who was re-positioning the datum sponges during our ride so it could so easily have been us that came down."


If I had my time over, I’d take that rainbow jersey in a heartbeat!’ The words of Mick Bennett when he casts his mind back to that day in August 1973 in San Sebastian when the West German team crashed in the final of the world team pursuit championship and failed to finish with three riders as the rules dictate, leaving the Great Britain quartet as world champions.

The Germans protested on the grounds that they’d been leading when the crash occurred, GB did not contest the protest; had they done so they would have been world champions.

Rik Evans, who was in that GB squad and who we interviewed recently thinks the decision was the right one; Bennett doesn’t.

But let’s go back to the beginning of Bennett’s career, which conti