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Nigel Dean – An Enjoyable Pro Career in the ’70s and ’80s


The year of our Lord 1977; Dave and I were on our way back from Crystal Palace, London and the ‘Felice Gimondi Meeting.’ 

Famous boxing promoter, the late Mike Barrett decided cycling was worth exploring, bringing Eddy Merckx to London’s Eastway circuit in June 1977 and the Italian over in April 1978 to ‘The Palace.’ 

We went down to both races and on the way back from ‘The Palace’ on the Sunday stopped off in the north of England to watch the English pros in action at the Lancaster Grand Prix.

Sitting in rare north of England spring sunshine to watch the race we were surprised and excited when Falcon pro, Nigel Dean chose our patch of grass to call it a day and sit and happily chat away to us for an age.

It’s taken a while to catch up with him again, all the way from Harare in Zimbabwe…